Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Photo Journey - Day 2

Last night was my second evening spent on Little South America, and also the second time I went to the top of Bunker Hill. Whether winter or summer the view from the summit is always worth the hike! For purposes of this little exploration, "an evening spent" will be a minimum of 2 hours. Challenges yesterday were the cold draining the batteries on my digital camera very rapidly (I only took 8 pictures, and missed a good one because of it), and ice forming in the feed line on my hydration pack. Miss Ker-Bear and Kali took a brief break from work to join Goldfish and Chico, sliding on the lower slopes while I hiked to the top. Daylight until 9:30 - I'm loving it!


Zack said...

That's a really cool idea Dad. 30 days huh. I think everyone will be able to get a really good picture of what this place looks like. I wasn't even able to see very much of it while I was there. It sounds like a very intriguing place Little South America. Looking forward to some more stories.
Oh ya, and go Lance Mackey!

Kym said...

Beautiful shot. I love the loneliness and yet, there are those huge ships probably full of people right there too.

Mom said...

Enjoying the new view.
love ya

Jennifer McKenzie said...

That's a dramatic picture!!!! Awesome.