Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Lesson of the Purple House

Every day for almost seven years I would drive by a purple house on my way to work - not a muted purple, but a vibrant purple that would be banned by covenant restriction in any subdivision in the lower 48.  In Alaska bush communities it is fairly common for folks to paint their houses outrageous colors - sunshine yellows, fluorescent greens and other colors rarely seen outside of the fishing tackle aisle, even purple.  When there was no wind, the purple house was perfectly reflected in the water, and as a photographer, I always thought what a great picture it would make, and for those seven years I always promised myself I would stop and take that picture, and share it with the world.

One day someone bought that little purple house, and perhaps not realizing how special it was, they painted it . . . tan.  It still reflects perfectly in the water when there is no wind, but all I see is a missed opportunity that will never happen again.

So my friends, I urge you to take those opportunities you take for granted.  Tell your parents you love them, spend some time making your dog feel special, and stop and take that photo of whatever your version of a purple house may be, because all good things come to an end.

After a couple year hiatus, I think I am back blogging.  I know all my links are terribly outdated, and eventually I will fix all that and more.  I started blogging in 2007 to keep in touch with my Dad, and eventually made a lot of great friends all over the world.  To those friends, I hope the last two years have treated you kindly; to my Dad, I hope you are looking down and smiling . . . .