Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bunker Hill

We had last Sunday off and celebrated by riding our bikes to the Bunker Hill trail head and hiking to the top. You can see from the pictures why it is called Bunker Hill! If you look at the panoramic shot at the top of my blog you can see Bunker Hill to the right side. The hill in the middle with the antennas is Haystack Hill. I live right at the foot of Haystack so it is the best option for a quick workout.

The top picture is taken near the top and you can see the bunker at the summit. The middle picture is from the summit and shows some of the other fortifications up there. My favorite is the third picture showing the bunker and the view to the north.

It's hard to believe a week has gone by since hiking Bunker Hill. Today was an optional day at work - I was in the middle of a project and chose to work; Goldfish took the day off to relax, go to the market and made supper. No walk to day for the first time since we arrived, just a day to relax, read, and work on the bikes a bit.

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