Monday, July 2, 2007

APL Dock

When you look out the living room window, one of the major features is the APL Dock where the big container ships are loaded and unloaded. Watching this process through binoculars is a favorite activity - in fact I am watching one being off loaded as I blog tonight. These three pictures show the view of APL from Strawberry Hill where we hiked last week. It gives a better view of the process from the side - the top view shows the whole barge and crane, the second photo is a closeup showing a container being lowered but still about 50 feet above the truck, and the last picture shows that same container almost all the way lowered. It is amazing how fast the crane operator can complete this process, and the trucks are just lined up one after the other. There is always something interesting happening out the window - either the ocean side from the living room, or the river side out the bedrooms. Last night a huge Russian ship unlike anything we had ever seen docked briefly, probably to take on fuel and supplies. It looked like a research vessel of some sort.


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome. I see the snow caps in the distance and have been watching the crab fishing on the discovery channel. Hope to make the visit next year. Hannah won miss pre-teen 4th of July and will be riding in a convertible at the parade waving. She has been over to Winslow to the pre 4th stuff wearing her crown, smiling and selling raffle tickets. The vendors feed her free and she is loving it.
Love from Maine

Zack said...

Wow! look at all those containers. That place must stay pretty busy. There is what 3 or 4 plants there. Lots and lots o'fish i bet. Oh that bunker is pretty cool. Maybe you could get a new job and be stationed in the bunker with a sniper rifle or something. Or maybe not since WW2. Anyways i am still looking the blog.