Tuesday, March 11, 2008

30 Days in Little South America - A Photo Journey (Day 1)

I've decided to spend evenings after work for the next 30 days on Little South America, the part of the island that includes Bunker Hill, really exploring and uncovering the wonder like an onion, layer by layer. Last night I would have to say the highlight was watching Chico play with the foxes. You can see in the bottom picture it was "Game Over" when the fox executed what I can only assume is a patented "Defy Physics By Scrambling Over An Overhanging Cornice" move, leaving Chico completely befuddled.
Let me state here for all that I love all animals, and I've watched Chico run after foxes enough to know two things: first, he doesn't want to really catch them - if he gets too close, he stops and sniffs the ground, pretending not to see the fox, until it escapes. Secondly, the foxes seems to like the game as well, and will sit and wait for Chico to catch up so the chase can resume.

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