Monday, March 10, 2008

Got To Get A Bird Book

If anyone knows what these duck/goose - like birds are, let me know. As you can see in the top photo, there were hundreds of them, lining the shore and floating in the harbor. I've been meaning to find a bird book that covers the Aleutians but haven't found one I liked yet.
Tonight I took Chico and snowshoed to the top of Bunker Hill; I'll post some pictures tommorow. I'm thinking about really exploring that area in the evenings for the next month or so, and seeing if I can just post pictures from there exclusively - sort of a photo essay of Little South America (that's what we call the part of the island where Bunker Hill is located because of the shape). I'm loving the extra light after work!


Lothian said...

great shots!!

Trevor said...

I'm thinking emperor goose. Looks the same and the habitat matches up. Give me another one!

Love you

AlaskaSteve said...

Son, I think you nailed it - impressive feat from North Dakota. That entered my mind but it seemed smallish for a goose - I'll be sure to come up with some more, there are lots of sea birds near the shores of Little South America. Love you, Dad