Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Thanks and a Great Weekend

It was a really satisfying weekend. After working just a half day on Saturday, we attended the Visitor and Convention Bureau's Wine Tasting Event at Margaret Bay Cafe. The food was great and it had a wonderful community vibe; we sat with dear friends and also touched base with friends we rarely see. CB has some great photos of the event on his blog.

Sunday I went for a walk with Chico on a sunny afternoon at Little South America. I had to laugh - I was without a camera and 6 or 8 whales were cavorting maybe 200 yards off shore. There were whale breaches, single whale tales, triple whale tails, whales with Pyramid Peak in the background, the lighting was perfect, and it was somehow liberating to not have a camera with me. Chico and I just sat on the beach and watched the show - whales at close range sound a little bit like elephants, and these were teenagers acting out - very fun! That evening we hosted Book Club at the house and had a blast with Sonia, Judy, Jane and Elaine. It was Elaine's first meeting and she generously volunteered to host next month - well, she sort of volunteered . . . okay, I volunteered her . . . but she was a very good sport about it! The photo above is of a potato peel pie that Goldfish cooked for Book Club - you can probably guess what book we talked about!

On Monday I brought Goldfish along with me with Chico in very different weather and very poor lighting but the whales were still in the area, just further off shore and not quite as wild. It was a nice walk on our "island anniversary" that we celebrate the 19th of every month.

And finally I want to thank a couple more donors - Gail and Miss Anonymous (I know who you are, and I really appreciate it!). I am overwhelmed by the response - keep those donations coming in for Team Emery! You can follow this link to make a donation, either on-line or mailing in a check. Remember that every $10 you donate enters you for a chance to win a 20# box of crab, the winner to be drawn live at the shaving event on May 1st! My participant ID for donations is P-373350.

Okay, I've got to get to bed, the alarm is going off in 2 hours . . . .


Gigi said...

That pie was de-lish!

Kimi said...

very cool about the whales. That's something I would love to see from the shore. I managed to donate to your cause. Took a few attempts but finally got it.

Margrita said...

WOW I love the whales they sound like fun to watch. I think I would enjoy sitting and watching them also. Sounds like a rowdy group of teens playing LOL. Sounds like you had a great weekend lots of fun.