Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blogger Not Cooperating But Want to Say Thanks

I wanted to blog about sneaking out to Summers Bay on the motorcycle the other day but Blogger doesn't seem to be allowing photo uploads . . .

It would be remiss of me to head to bed without thanking the latest donors though - many thanks to Diane, Brenda, Skip, Denise, Kimberly and Miss Anonymous from Dutch Harbor. Everyone's response has been so positive, I really appreciate it!

For anyone who has not donated "on my head" to St. Baldrick's Foundation there is still time. Just head over to my donor page where you can donate on-line, print out a donation form to mail in with a check, or call your donation in to St. Baldricks. Your donations are tax-deductible so be sure to click on the option to print out a receipt after making your donation. And remember, every $10 donated enters you to win a box of crab, the winner to be drawn at the event on May 1st.

I am shaving my head to honor Emery, the grand daughter of my friend Jane. I'm thrilled to report Emery has completed her chemo treatments and had a successful operation recently to have a spinal tumor removed. Please keep Emery in your prayers . . . you can read more about Emery here.


bre said...

Good morning, little brother. How are you doing as being the top fund raiser? I hope it goes well. Love ya

Margrita said...

Sorry you couldn't load your pictures. Sounds like you had a neat time. So glad your donations are going well maybe one day this horrid disease will have a cure. I pray for that everyday.