Sunday, April 18, 2010

Many Thanks and Introducing Team Emery

Lots and lots of new donors to thank! Transcan, Richard & Penny, Suzassippi, Gail, Trevor, Joe & Gail, and Maya - you are heroes! Thanks so much for donating "on my head" to St. Baldrick's Foundation to help find a cure for childhood cancer! For those readers who still would like to learn about St. Baldrick's and our upcoming fundraiser on May 1st, you can read my post here and follow the links to learn more.

I've dedicated my shaving to the grand daughter of a very dear friend Jane, pictured above in the bunny outfit (photo shamelessly ripped off her blog - check it out if you haven't already). Jane is a whirlwind that has basically devoted her life to making things better for others, she has a global vision of a better world and acts locally to make it happen. Her husband is the Executive Chef at the Grand Aleutian who toils quietly and without fanfare making the Grand such a special place to dine out. Together, they are one of the nicest couples you will ever meet.

Jane's daughter Bonnie and her husband David are both high school teachers in Armarillo, Texas and last November they welcomed Emery Jane into the family, pictured above (again, photo shamelessly ripped off Jane's blog - but in my defense, Jane ripped it off Bonnie's blog). Right around the first of the year Emery was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma, a very rare cancer affecting only 650 children a year, and has been battling ever since. You can read an article by Jon Mark Bellue about Emery here.

I remember when my niece Lora was born over 20 years ago now - she was less than a pound and required endless medical procedures which continue to this day - she is having another operation this summer. Our whole family held its collective breath while the doctors worked for months to keep Lora going. Today, she is a junior in college at Boise State, blind and one of the biggest inspirations in my life.

Shaving my head to honor Emery's courage and to fund better cures is a very small thing but I want Jane and Rich and Bonnie and David to know we care - YOU care, all of you that have made donations to St. Baldrick's, and together it has become something big. Thank you all so much and keep those donations coming!


Gigi said...
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Gigi said...

We can't thank you enough, Steve. This is so kind of you! I love Lora's story and know what an inspiration she must be to all who know her or know about her. What an amazing young woman!

Sorry, the previous comment was mine but it had some random letters/gibberish at the beginning so I deleted it. :)

Lori said...

I had read Jane's blog a few times in regards to Emery, but did not know exactly how or if she was related to Jane - thanks for the story and I haven't forgotten about this - I just print the form and will get my check in the mail tomorrow. Great cause - thank you for doing this!