Friday, November 27, 2009

Very Full Day!

Great day of vacation today, we were on the run from morning until after midnight! First thing we headed out to Map Rock, a volcanic rock with some high quality petroglyphs that show all the hunting areas and clan demarkations in the Snake River valley. Discovered in 1870, they have somehow escaped any vandalism; there was a light rain falling at the time we visited so the glyphs really didn't show up well except on the dry side.

After that we went to see The Christmas Carol in 3D - definitely not an experience that will be available on the island any time soon. Then we went to Boise to The Discovery Center of Idaho where we all had a great time - the airstream floating the ball above was my favorite - I couldn't believe how far you could bend the air and the ball would still float.

Trevor and the granddaughter learning about the magic of green screen.

Building an arch - the girls loved knocking the arch down afterwards!

Static electricity deflecting a water stream.

Granddaughter #2 wasn't feeling well but did love this one, demonstrating I believe the Archimedes Screw principle. There were so many interactive displays we didn't even see a quarter of them. If we lived in the Boise area we would get the annual family membership for sure.

One granddaughter loved the bed of nails, the other one not so much . . . . .

This was a scaled down grocery store with working scanners, play money, and a full selection of fake groceries. I think the girls would still be there if we let them, and it was hilarious how serious they were about their shopping!

In the evening, Trevor and I went to see the Nevada Wolfpack play the Boise State Broncos in a sold out stadium of 33,000 crazed fans. Boise takes their undefeated football team VERY seriously, with NFL-level franchise devotion and tailgating going on. We went across the street to where Chili's had a beer garden set up, then attended the 44 - 33 trounching in 39 degree rain, a true football experience with ESPN broadcasting live. On the way home we were singing the praises of the very same heated seats in my sister's car that I had been mocking. It took awhile for our feet to thaw out and I'm sure we were border-line hypothermic but we had a great time.

And yes, that is snot running out of my nose . . . . . . .


Bren said...

And we girls had a wonderful, warm, dry time playing games, watching videos and sleeping! It was so wonderful of Steve's son and family to make the long trip. What great people and parents they are! They even let me play grandma.

Suzassippi said...

Interesting that everyone else is in fleece and puffer jacket, and you are in shirt sleeves. :)