Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Trevor and the girls made it here safe on their road trip from North Dakota and we had a great Thanksgiving! Above, my blind niece is working leather conditioner into her guide dog harness - she can't stand sitting and relaxing, so she's always keeping busy - she is a junior in college and I am so proud of her!
Here Trevor is working on putting together a cardboard punch out and assemble toy they got with a child's meal at Arby's. I don't know what fiendish marketing genius came up with the idea of turning a penny's worth of paper into 30 minutes of torture for lucky parents all over the world . . . . my granddaughter's interest in the Superman gave out WAY before Trevor and I got it put together . . . .

More fun with Daddy . . . .
And in the foreground is the new granddaughter I was meeting for the first time!
My nephew, long-suffering with the patience of a saint, coming out to play with the girls.
Goldfish with a lap full of granddaughters !
Brandon getting ready to deep fry the turkey - he is my niece's husband and is a genius cook, we were in good hands.

Here he is making up the stuffing . . . .

Inside the house the girls were cooking also, essentially two full kitchens at work. Looks like a visitor from Unalaska dropped by, a turkey sized king crab just about fitting in the oven.

Rule #37 of photography - you can't have two many pictures of sons or granddaughters!

In the pink is my son's wife, a true gem. I owe many thanks to her family back in the midwest for letting them drive to Idaho to meet us for Thanksgiving.

The crab is warm, time to eat!

We ended up with a ham, a deep fried turkey and a nine pound king crab on the table. Cheesy garlic potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, cranberry mold, stuffing, rolls and a few things I'm forgetting because my brain is shutting down from the second piece of pie. The one missing niece (she works in retail and has to be at work at 3:30 am tomorrow to kick off Black Friday and lives in Washington - miss you sweetie) sent these killer homemade pickles. We had a veggie platter and our usual dates w/ peanut butter rolled in powdered sugar (it's a transplanted East coast thing). Everything was amazing and I truly had so much to be thankful for as we held hands and I said grace. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, family and friends across the land!


Bren said...

The food was wonderful, but the Family was the greatest! I am so thankful you all came.

Gigi said...

What a wonderful day with your family and lots of great food! And you are right, you can't have enough photos of kids and grandkids. :) Enjoy!