Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day of Rest

Trevor, Megan and the grandkids were up early, heading back to North Dakota while the morning was still frosty. Trevor had to be back at work and Megan back in college on Monday; it was SO GREAT to see them - and we all really appreciate them driving 2400 miles to spend a couple days with family - crazy kids!

After seeing the kids off, we all went back to bed for awhile - hey, it's vacation! We had a very leisurely day, going to see two movies - The Surrogate with Bruce Willis (pretty good) and Blind Side with Sandra Bullock (fantastic). I'm sure we're not the only ones that hit the movie theater when off the island - we do enjoy snuggling and watching Netflixed movies when home on Unalaska, listening to the storm raging outside, but there is something about a movie theater that is still special. Four movies on the Idaho leg of vacation and still quite a few good ones opening over the next month while we're on the road - good times!

After the movies we had family time around the kitchen table, trading stories and lots of laughter. We have a lot of fun activities scheduled for our trip - a tour of the White House, Wicked on Broadway, Blue Man Group, Sting in concert, Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show, The Messiah, the Smithsonian, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, lots and lots of museums and monuments, things I'm forgetting and things we'll do on the spur of the moment - but nothing will be more special to us than time with family, laughing and love around the table while Brandon whips up us a batch of awesome guacamole, spending time with the kids and granddaughters. Christmas in Maine, and more family back in Anchorage . . . . . . we're sitting in the Boise airport, heading to Seattle for a couple days, and we miss you guys already! Lots of love - steve & goldfish


Gigi said...

Glad you are having such a great time. We have not made it to a movie theater yet since we are spending time with a sweet little newborn but we have certainly watched plenty of rentals/HBO/tivo'd flicks. :) Safe travels.

Bren said...

The house is sure empty without all of you. miss you all.