Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goals for 2009 - Part 2

This is a great photo when discussing goals - this is F/V Arctic Fox heading out to fish for crab on January 1, 2009.  Take a look at pictures I took of this vessel in the East Channel last year to truly appreciate the scale involved!  Yet, while all the big boys are still tied up at the dock, this plucky little warrior is heading out with its two rows of pots, truly an inspiration!  It remains my favorite boat in the Bering Sea crab fleet.

My goals are still a work in progress.  I added a stripped down Shelfari widget on my sidebar, just above the archives.  You can see I knocked out one book, just 99 to go!  Goldfish and I have a little bet going involving weight loss and ocean kayaks, so it looks like I'll be working out a lot this year, mostly on my Bowflex Revolution or my recumbent bike.  I'm wanting to put in ten thousand miles between my exercise bike and my mountain bike this year, so I'm tracking that on Fitness Journal, and have a link to that on the sidebar as well.  I figured if Jill can log almost ten thousand miles in a year through the snow I should be able to match that in my living room working on my reading list, right?  (I know Dad, last time I tried this I didn't make it very far - this is different, trust me).

That's it for now, gotta hit the sack - cheers!


Lori said...

This is truly an inspiring photo this morning and if anything, another one of my goals would be to make it to DH. This is desktop material this morning (OK - just so you know - I passed on the NW pics for this one!) Good luck on the weight loss - I believe I'm close to a 20 lb weight loss since last January and keeping it off. I'm going for another 15 or so. My motto is everything in moderation (with the exception of chocolate - no more chocolate!)

pat said...

I've always liked the looks of the Arctic Fox and I've noticed she never fails to be on the pre-registered list for crab seasons. She's a busy little boat! I think that putting your goals in writing for the world to read should definitely help you obtain them. You're more ambitious then me this year, lol, although reading and writing more is definitely on my list. Once again thanks for sharing your thoughts and pics. Good luck with all.

mamawas said...

Congratulations on the focued fitness goals Steve.

ErieLady said...

I think your goals are admirable. The reading of 100 books is a great goal. The first book you read, The Road, has been made into a movie. That actually filmed a couple scenes here in Erie last April. It is going to star Viggo Mortensen.

The pic of the AF in front of that mountain is amazing. Keep up posting thost incredible pics and keep us informed on how the fitness training is going.

Carlisleboy said...

OMG!!! The Calendar is Great!!! Thank you Steve, Goldfish and of course Chico!!!
WE SOOOO have to do Sunday Brunch together some day!!!

Kim said...

It usually helps if you are competing with another person for a weight loss goal. Me and a friend are both struggling with our weight but knowing she is a few pounds ahead on the loss is making me work harder to get this off.

Alaska Steve said...

ErieLady, I didn't know about the movie - that should be interesting. It's going to be tough to maintain the unrelenting level of misery and the sense of impending doom that the writer portrayed so well in the book.

CB, we'll do brunch sometime, let me get a little weight loss under my belt first, okay? Glad you liked the calendar.

Lori, congrats on keeping the weight off, that is the tough part. And good luck on getting out here to Dutch - we can all go to brunch!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The Road was illuminating but wholeheartedly depressing, a true Cautionary Tale. I have a LOT to lose this year and need to get my fat butt into gear!