Monday, January 5, 2009

Goals for 2009 - Part 3

So let's see, we've got the 100 book goal, we've got the 10,000 bicycle mile goal, we've got the Christmas card goal.  I've got the weight loss challenge going with Goldfish.  Let's dust off a couple from last year that didn't get done - how about 100 hours practice time on my guitar and finishing the Level One Spanish Rosetta Stone lessons.

To round out the list, I have a few island specific goals:

1.  I want to circumnavigate Amaknak Island (basically, all around the base of Ballyhoo Mountain).  There is one small portion that has to be swam, according to my sources, making it interesting.

2.  Hike all the way to the top of Pyramid Peak.  I've hiked along the base and the slopes of it, just need to stand on top.  Not a tough goal, just haven't gotten it done yet.

3.  I've heard a rumor of a trail to Big Bishop Rock, 18 miles round trip leaving from somewhere around Morris Cove.  That would be a cool hike - I'd make two days out of it.

Okay, that should do it!  I'll figure out a way to track progress on them all on the sidebar somehow, either through graphs or pictures.  I have a few more in mind but I think this is plenty - and tomorrow morning I'm dragging my decrepit fat butt out of bed (the horror!  normally I jump out of bed 20 minutes before I have to be at my desk - love the non-commute!) and on to the recumbent to start knocking out some 2009 mileage.  Cheers!


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Great goals.
I got something in the mail!!!!! Can I just say, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!
Thank you.

Steve J said...

Boy your going to be busy.
Have you ever hiked to Dollybars cabin on Beavers inlet?

Ang said...

Good luck with the goals - sounds like you won't have a problem. And as usual I love your picture of Chico - that is an awesome shot.

Kim said...

What type of dog is CHico...other than incredible lol. He is so photogenic. Even if you only accomplish half your goals youre doing better than most of the rest of us.

Alaska Steve said...

Jen, you are more than welcome, I hope to have another good year's photos to pick from for 2010!

Steve, I have hiked to Beaver's Inlet several times but I didn't see a cabin there - is it to the left or right of where the trail ends?

Chico is one of a kind, a pound rescue. He looks to have several breeds mixed up, doesn't he?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Document with photos, photos, photos! And, GREAT and noble photo of Chico!


Steve J said...

I always hiked the trail that goes in on the Valley side of the pass it started out going buy a pretty little lake. I think there is another trail on the other side of the pass. But from my trail you go left when you hit the beach and it was quiet a hike up the beach it had a stove and was set up pretty well.Dollybar the owner of Radiant heating fuel built it.
if you were interested you might talk to Clint Huling he still lives out there and works for the City he used to be the head of the water dept.

Lori said...

I have one lifetime goal (well, maybe there's a few others), meaning that I want to do this someday, just don't know when I will get to it. I want to hike the Chilkoot Trail. My husband thinks I'm crazy and doesn't think I would make it "roughing it", but I think otherwise. Your pic of Chico looking up at the sky made me think of this. Love the pic!

Kym said...

This is a beautiful photo Steve. Good luck on your goals!