Monday, November 5, 2007

View From The Living Room

Everyone has their favorite crab boat - I suspect Cornelia Marie and Time Bandit top the list - but here's a look at mine, F/V Arctic Fox. You could put Arctic Fox on the deck of Cornelia Marie with room to spare but I love the color and the squat stubby look of the Arctic Fox . . . plus they deliver to Harbor Crown Seafoods so they are docked right next to the road when delivering, and they pass by my place through the East Channel. How can you not smile when you see the Fox chugging by??
They were filming F/V North American yesterday in the East Channel, a deck load of pots and probably heading back to Seattle for the season break. They were filming from a small skiff that was traveling just ahead and to the starboard side. I heard a sub-plot of this season is going to be the return of the North American to the crab grounds.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day off yesterday - I slept in, watched the Patriots game, called my bro in Maine and cooked another killer pizza. Hope everyone had a great weekend, cheers . . . . .


Richard and Penelope said...

That was quite a game wasn't it? I didn't know if Brady was going to be able to deliver or not. It seemed as though the Colts were outplaying them but not in the final score. Love Dad

Cris said...

Killer Pizza with a view.... Does it get any better than that ? Love the Artic Fox... it IS so cute!!!
Thanks Steve!

opilia said...

She definitely is cute...kind of like a little F/V Northwestern...thanks for sharing the pics!

Lothian said... unbelievably jealous of you right now!! What a view!