Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quiet Night

I listen to NPR at work all day - not because I'm a stuffy intellectual, because it is the only radio station on the island . . . anyways, the other day there was a great program about eagles and I kept jotting little tidbits of eagle trivia down on a sticky note as I worked and listened so I would remember all the cool new stuff I was learning. At the end of the day I stuck the sticky note in my pants pocket and promptly washed my pants - that very same night I believe - losing all my notes. The most interesting fact stuck in my head though - immature eagles always appear much larger than adult eagles but in reality their bodies are the same size. Immature eagles have much more feather mass, both in length and density; scientists believe this is like a set of training wheels helping them fly better until they become more skilled and can get by with less flight surface area. I always wondered why the adults were smaller - out here I actually would wonder that every day. Case closed, on to the next mystery . . . .


Mom said...

Interesting fact! I always wondered that myself. And A GREAT picture to go with it.

It was great to talk with you. It's nice to know you are alway here in my court and heart.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

ACK! Darn it. I hate it when I wash my clothes with something in it.
Last time it was my debit card.
Great picture as always.

Trevor said...

Sweet little eagle fact! Last time i did the whole pants washing thing i found a wrinkled 10 dollar bill a couple weeks later which was a sweet little surprise.

Love you!