Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I may have some fireworks photos later - they have to fire them pretty late to have any chance of seeing them against the summer Alaska sky. We're camping in the living room tonight - tent and all - we didn't want to let a little drizzle change our plans.

I'll post more photos of the unique houses on the Unalaska side of the island soon - there are some unique colors. I took this today on the way back from walking Chico. Lets see, peeling pastel paint, moss on the roof, the requisite group of eagles lining the top and wildflowers in the yard - yup, that's an island house! I also want to do a photo series on what constitutes an island car . . . .

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Lothian said...

I am totally going to move in there. What an awesome place!