Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nome Berris & Inside Camping

The best news of the day is the Berrimilla is safely in Nome, getting caught up on chores and waiting for the ice to go out in Barrow. You can get caught up on their progress here - there are even some pictures of yours truly checking out the boat with Kimbra and McQ while they were still in Dutch. Congratulations to Alex and crew!

Tonight we went to a wine tasting at the Grand with 6 different wines from Dunham Cellars paired with fantastic food courses - both Goldfish and I took home a door prize and we had a great time. Last night we wanted to camp out but the weather was sketchy (imagine that!) so we opted for the living room! Chico absolutely loves the tent and we've decided to leave it up for a few days; tonight we pimped it out with a mattress from the spare bedroom.


Lothian said...

Aw! I just want to snuggle his fuzzy face. Chico is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Chico is just adorable in that bottom image! Give him a big cuddly hug from me. - Carla