Saturday, February 9, 2008

Going Nowhere

The storms have been pretty unrelenting out here all week and interesting things begin to happen - the mail stops, the dairy section gets wiped out at the store, people go nowhere as their flights are cancelled day after day. You just have to go with the flow. The mail thing can be inconvenient as delivery out here takes long enough without a storm . . . . I don't like the one bank out here but love my Bank of America account so I generally express mail my paycheck to the mainland, for tracking purposes. I'm sure it's still on the island somewhere despite being mailed a week ago, and may be still here when the 15th rolls around and I mail another one. Most folks just pay any bills they have on-line and don't use the mail for anything except shopping and magazine subscriptions.

This is a picture of the black fox that Chico and I track on our nightly walsk, among others. The funny thing was, Chico was too busy sniffing tracks to see the actual fox, even when I stopped to snap a picture.


trblcmn said...

We've been getting hit hard on the upper west coast with storms, one after another. It's crazy. Good thing is we won't have any water shortages this summer.

I love to read about Alaska, thanks for showing us things we probably wouldn't get by regualr means unless we experienced it ourselves.


Zack said...

There it is! Finally a picture of that sneaky fox. Although it looks like a different one than I had seen.