Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Storm

There was a nice gale blowing after work so I brought Chico out to Summer's Bay to walk on the beach after work. There were some pretty angry seas and the 50 yards nearest the shore was one mixed up foamy cauldron. It was a bit surreal, like a movie set - picture this, I was driving towards the beach, swinging wide around an occasional snow slide in the road with the windows open, letting the wind howl through the vehicle with Josh Groban singing "Ave Maria" cranked on the stereo, me singing along. The dichotomy of the song super-imposed on the violence of the storm was pretty neat.

We put up our Christmas tree tonight and it looks great! The winds have calmed down so the snow has built up on the tree outside my window, completing the winter scene.


Mom said...

Only you would have the windows down! Lol
love ya

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh I love this picture. I made the Redneck check it out.
And I'd LOVE to see your tree.