Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Dog Walk

As you can see, all the elements are in place out here for the perfect winter dog walk - you have the sideways sleet scouring any unprotected skin, the 40 knot gale, the surf crashing on the beach. . . . ahhh yes, dog walk Unalaska style.

Tommorow I'm working just a half day and we're making soap in the afternoon. I'm also making the usual loaded crab pizza for supper and trying to get my Christmas cards done - possibly before Christmas. All the best to all my friends and family - I know your last minute holiday items are just as hectic - know that people are what is important this time of year, not things. I'm sure my sons realize that - the three of us learned that one the hard way 12 years ago when our house burned to the ground the day after Christmas burning everything, old and brand new, but allowing us enough time to get out of the house safely.

Everyone be safe this holiday, stay off the roads if you can and don't drink and drive. Most of all, remember whose birthday we're celebrating and pause to give thanks. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

nice hearing from you happy holidays.