Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Party

The company Christmas party was this afternoon, it was good fun. The food was outstanding and it was nice to see everyone all in one place at once and meet the spouses and children I had never seen. Tomorrow night we're putting up our Christmas tree and putting a final touch on our decorations.

The picture shows one of the stranger things I saw in Seattle - an honest to goodness statue of Lenin brought over from the old Soviet Union and erected on this street corner. Definitely eye catching . . . . night folks!


Lothian said...

At least Lenin is in the holiday spirit!

Mom said...

Leave it to you to find the unique and exciting things in Seattle.

I watched It's a Wonderful Life. It was a great as the first time.

Love ya

Mom said...
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pantxo petate said...

Merry Christmas to you Steve, I could not believe my eyes, until I read your post. A nice statue at that, the ones I've seen are a lot more serious and formal. I'm following your blog and the pictures. Say, don't you need temporary help in the winter time so I could have a shot at photographing the island with that fantastic weather?
Actually it is more a joke than anything else, but I see a bit of my past life in what you post in this blog. Say, does your company has anything to do with the old and extinct MRC?
All the best to you, and keep up the good work. Have a good one.