Thursday, December 6, 2007

Too Much - Not Enough

Yup, too much time sitting in that black chair in the top picture and not enough time walking on the favorite beach in the middle picture was making me a wee bit cranky. Chico and I took care of the problem tonight and I found 5 lovely pieces of pumice (my favorite beachcombing finds)- they float! Chico had a good run, we had eagles and seals, and the fresh air was good for us.

Goldfish flew out this afternoon and is safe and sound in Anchorage for a two week vacation. We miss you!


pantxo petate said...

I don't know how but I stumbled into your blog and what a surprise to see old Dutch Harbor, somehow I get reassured that it was not a dream, it really happened. I was there back in the 80's, when the soviets processed bottom fish. Adventure days, now I am back home, Mediterranean Sea, quite some distance. Even though I have a nice collection of Bering Sea pictures -digital cameras of course did not exist back then- I have not posted many of them since my postings are not about that part of the world exclusively. There is one of Ballyhoo, it is spring 1985. I'll be checking your blog to see how it evolves, I'm quite shocked to see how little snow there is in December. Good luck to you, and sorry but all my postings are in spanish, no time to translate them.

Mom said...

Hey little bro, love the pumice! I too am hating the darker days. I am thinking of joining the rec for the winer to encourage my mood.

Thought you might like this web site for Christmas... learn your grinch name:

Love ya

AlaskaSteve said...

Hi Sis, my Grinch Name was Moodygloom Cheerlessfinger - pretty grim! Love ya - Little Bro