Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wind Picking Up

We're hoping the winds stay calm for another day as Goldfish is flying out tommorow for a two week vacation but it seems like the breeze is kicking pretty good - of course that could change anytime. You can see that we have lost most of our snow for now but hope to get some in time for Christmas.

A rotting beached whale has been causing problems over at the airport, and indirectly problems for Chico. The problem is all the seabirds attracted by the stench - the airport staff has to fire off seal bombs to scare the birds out of the area every time a plane lands or takes off. Ballyhoo Mountain (with the airstrip at the base) is our favorite place to walk Chico after work - and Chico absolutely hates fireworks. Even after they towed the whale out to sea the stench is still drawing the birds to the area and they are still having to drive them away. I'll be bringing Chico out to the beach for walks starting tommorow night. Cheers!


opilia/pat said...

Hi Steve! Looks like the weather's still halfway decent in Dutch. We already have about a foot of snow here in Iowa, I dont imagine we'll see the ground again til of those winters for us. Hope you all are gearing up for a wonderful holiday!

Cris said...

Hey Steve! How surreal to read about the repercussions of a dead whale!!! To most of us, that sound incredible, what an amazing place - this neighborhood of yours !

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I hope Goldfish has a good and safe trip.
Gorgeous picture.