Friday, December 7, 2007

No Camera, No Problem

Chico and I headed out to Summers Bay after work; I hadn't even made it to the Memorial when I realized I had forgotten my camera at home. I almost turned around but I was in the Goldfish Honda, Chico was in a carrier in back, and I wanted to get him to the beach and out of the carrier as soon as possible. Besides, I figured I'd see something cool for sure without a camera and I did - puffins! They are a rare sight on my travels out here so I was pretty happy on the ride out.
At the beach, there was a thin dusting of snow covering the sand so I looked right at the high tide mark for pumice, even though I knew it's always further inland. After no luck, I walked further in where the snow as and just looked for pumice shapes and discovered something interesting - horse poop and pumice look exactly the same when covered with a dusting of snow. The wild horses walk the beach as well and their charcoal briquette sized gifts fooled me again and again - they are about the same density as well. One time I picked one up, blew it off, looked at it closely, threw it back on the beach, and then had to pick it back up and look at it again to make sure. I did end up with 4 nice pieces of pumice - I don't want to even talk about what the poop to pumice ratio was . . . .
Anyways, no camera tonight but last night I took pictures of beach collages thrown together by the storm - I posted a couple of my favorites. It is a big surreal seeing king crab legs laying on the beach but there were dozens, picked clean by the gulls.

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