Thursday, December 27, 2007

Die . . . . t

The desk job is not working well for weight control - without assigning any numbers, let's just say I was a lot thinner 3 months ago . . . anyways, Goldfish and I both started dieting the day after Christmas so you can expect moodiness, crankiness, and outright borderline hysteria to commence very soon and continue until we leave for vacation in four months - and that's just from me. I've come up with a pretty nice incentive for myself if I make my weight goal before vacation - should be perfect for the predominantly unpaved roads out here. I miss my beloved loyal V-Star dearly but Zack is taking great care of it in Anchorage and I'm ready for a new 2-wheeled friend - if I lose the weight . . . . .

We walked Chico out at Summer's Bay tonight and for some reason this was my favorite of the pictures I took. Cheers everyone!


Jennifer McKenzie said...

I like it too. It's interesting.
Good luck on the dieting. I've had to pull myself back on mine.
I'll avoid numbers too, but I was a lot thinner three months ago too.
We can be cranky together.

Lothian said...

Yeah, once I quit retail and got a desk job the pounds have been piling on. Luckily at work they are going to be sponsoring a weight loss challenge. 10 weeks, teams of 4. The winning team out of all locations in the U.S. get $400 each. The winners at our location get $100 each.
Apparently, throw money at me and I will start to listen and eat better. Heath, nope. Cold hard cash, yes!
Good Luck!

Mom said...

I can understand why you would like the picture. It's a baby baluga being escorted in by two mermaids.

Anyway, I too will be trying to tone. I plan on joining a rec. center and work out. We will just be stunning in 3 months, won't we.

love ya

AlaskaSteve said...

I'd love a weight loss competition that paid cash, that would be fun. Goldfish and I were going to make a bet on who could lose the greater percentage but we couldn't come up with anything interesting and fair so we are just going to support each other's progress.

Sis, you're a hottie, no firming needed. Love ya, see you in the spring!