Friday, December 28, 2007

Still Christmas

We got our tree up so late this year, and enjoy our decorations so much, we have no plans on taking anything down for a couple weeks anyway. My niece in Maine gave me this Santa on a Harley decoration and it is way too cool to pack away any time soon!

I won't be posting tommorow night as I'm hiking up Ballyhoo after work and camping on the summit for the night. Hopefully there will be a nice gale blowing up there to make it interesting! I'll be back on Sunday - which is also my Dad's 75th birthday. Cheers!


Lothian said...

Have a great hike. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!

Mom said...

Hey Bro, Enjoy! You crazy man you!!!

Dad, A very happy Birthday. Wish I was there. This is a very special year with my daughter turning 25, me turning 50 and you 75! What's the chance of that.

Love ya

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!!! And I'm not taking my tree down for a while either.
I love my decorations.
GREAT Santa on a Harley!!!

pat said...

Hi Steve. Hope you all have a super New Year's eve and New Year's day. Here's to a fantastic 2008 for everyone!

Zack said...

Oh man, love the Santa on the Harley Dad. Turns out we didn't get the same one for Christmas though. Yours is a little different. But, apparently they still play the same song.