Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Bit More Seattle

It was strange pulling into the parking space at our Seattle office and seeing one of our trawlers parked at the dock. F/V Great Pacific returned to Seattle after the pollock season to get some engine diagnostics done. The Space Needle was right across the inlet and I loved the vibe of the University District where my hotel was located.

Goldfish made it home this afternoon after waiting for a weather window for two hours in King Salmon. Chico and I are very happy to have her home where she belongs. I can't believe it's just five days to Christmas! Dad, if you read this there should be a box of crab showing up on your doorstep sometime on Friday, I'll call you when I have tracking and a better idea of when exactly it will arrive. Cheers!


Richard & Penelope said...

We are glad that you all had a safe trip. We will be watching. Bren's pecan logs have all arrived but I don't know why she only sent them for Penny and I but I guess that I will have to share them with all. We love you and wish you both the very best as we all celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. May God bless you both. Love Dad & Penny

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Dang. Did you send me some? LOL.
I'm so glad Goldfish made it home. What fabulous pictures. That one of the Great Pacific is awesome.
Have a wonderful holiday.
I can't believe it's only five days away either.

Lothian said...

...and when should I be receiving MY delivery of crab? ;)

Mom said...

Just to follow up on those pecan logs, as you know, I am always generous. There should be enough for everyone. At least there was when I sent it out. Sorry big bro and Uncle Pete.

Love you guys

AlaskaSteve said...

Well ladies, I know you've been good girls so Santa should be taking care of any crab on your wish list . . . my Dad, however, likes to be naughty once in awhile so I figured Santa needed some help!