Monday, December 17, 2007

Greater Sense of Place

I uploaded these pictures last night and completely forgot about finishing the post! Our internet is so slow out here, I normally do something while the photos post but I think this is the first time I forgot what I was doing and went to bed!

Anyways, I took these pictures in Seattle last week, some of you may recognize the Freemont Troll (yes, that is an actual Volkswagon). I thought it was cool the plaque by the sculpture said the sculpture was commissioned to give the neighborhood a "greater sense of place" . . .

I'll post a few more Seattle pictures soon and then get back to Unalaska photography where the snow is piling up outside making for some good photo ops - cheers!


Mom said...

That is really cool, bro. I will have to go over and see it sometime.
Love ya

Jennifer McKenzie said...

That thing is COOL!!!! What an awesome picture.
I'm so glad you're home.