Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And On A Happy Note

As a more cheerful counterpoint to the dead beached whale, here is a fantastic photo taken by Lynda Lybeck-Robinson a few weeks ago here in Unalaska. Lynda is Goldfish's boss's piano teacher, so although I did not take this photo, I know who did. The splashing in the background is from another whale beating it's tail on the water. These are the same whales in Broad Bay that I watch from Ballyhoo Mountain sometimes. They should be getting closer to town later in the fall. Anyways, I wanted something cheerful so I made an exception to all the blog photos being taken by me - at this point any whale photos by me would show tiny splashes in the distance . . . . this is probably the favorite whale picture I have ever see because these are "my" whales. Cheers everyone!

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Zack said...

Ah yes, that is much better. Happy whales!