Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Try

Looks like Blogspot is cooperating today, so here are some photos of that beached whale. It turns out it is a full grown female humpback and she actually beached at Broad Bay nearby and was towed to Captain's Bay so it was more accessible to the public for educational purposes. Broad Bay is the spot where we watch the whales play from Ballyhoo sometimes. There are a couple articles on the local radio/TV news channel about the whale here. Apparently they originally hoped to fly in a specialist from Seward to perform a necropsy but the whale may be too badly decomposed for that at this point.


Anonymous said...

That looks as sad as when the salmon have spawned and look like the are looking you in the eye asking if they have fought a good fight and to kill them so they can die with dignity instead of rotting away while they are still alive.

Zack said...

That is pretty sad. I guess it happens to the best of them though. I wonder what they do to it after it dies? Do they just leave it there? Let the animals eat it?