Saturday, August 4, 2007

Venturi Effect

Yesterday at work we had finished unloading the Progress and I was watching with interest the Great Pacific move into place along the dock using their deck crane since they were working on their main engine and didn't want to start it yet. The wind was blowing out of the southeast and I saw the coolest sight as the clouds were blown across the top 500 feet of the nearby mountains - it looked just like the smoke in the wind tunnel you see in car commercials all the time as the clouds speed up in the area around and alongside the peaks, a perfect demonstration of the venturi effect.

These photos have nothing to do with that but you can see there are no more boxes to unpack, that the place is pretty squared away and comfortable. In the middle picture you can see the computer desk where I sit and blog and look out the window. Life is good, and the company furniture is actually pretty good stuff. Cheers everyone, and good night!


Zack said...

Wow! No more boxes, look at that. Your place place looks awesome now. They do treat you quite well. Well, good to see that you actually have everything situated. Looks like a home to me.

Love ya

AlaskaSteve said...

I've felt at home on the island ever since I got here. The company treats me great, and I love the apartment, it is truly perfect. Hope to get you out here for a visit sometime, love ya