Sunday, August 5, 2007

No Fish Tommorow

We went out to 3 Amigos tonight for supper after strolling to the library. As a bonus Goldfish and I fixed their electronic cash register while we were there so the owner comped our dessert, a nice touch. The river is just teeming with pink salmon right now and I think I'm going to have to break down a catch a few for the freezer - I was going to wait for silvers but I think I've waited long enough. On Tuesday night we're having our first company over for supper, that will be fun. As I've been typing this I watched the Alaska Rose pull away from the dock and head out to sea so the night shift must have finished unloading her. With no ship due until tommorow night I'll be working tommorow with the refrigeration guy, probably insulating pipe. Most of the day today was gorgeous and sunny and I think we might have hit 60 degrees for a bit there!

The picture is taken at the entrance to the Russian Orthodox Church graveyard. I couldn't quite get the freighter framed like I wanted but I still like the effect.

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