Monday, August 6, 2007

So Much Sleep

I only worked 9 hours today instead of the usual twelve and a half and the extra sleep was amazing! I was almost giddy with energy and I could feel my body recovering and I'm ready to be back into the heat of things tommorow. The coolest thing I saw today was a heavily loaded tandem ocean kayak arriving in Dutch Harbor this evening - it looked like they were heading to the small boat harbor. I almost jumped in the truck and headed down there to ask them for their story as it looked like they had been on the water for awhile - did they circumnavigate the island? Or just go camping for a week or two? I knew the harbor was perfectly safe for a kayak and want to get one someday but this was the first one I have seen arriving from the open ocean. It was especially interesting because I had just finished Birth Place Of The Winds about 4 guys that explored some of the Aleutian Islands by kayaks.

The top picture is of a huge yacht that stayed in the harbor for a few days a couple weeks ago. The picture doesn't really show how impressive this vessel was - and the rumor was it was a charter boat that rents for a cool $110,000 a week. Somebody must have really wanted to visit Dutch Harbor! The bottom picture is important for two reasons - first, it is the only picture on this blog so far that I did not personally take since I arrived on the island, and secondly, this is my grand daughter Aubrey who turns one year old tommorow! Happy birthday sweetie, I love you!


Zack said...

Wow, that must be quite the yacht. Those guys on the kayaks must have had quite too, like you said. I would have liked to here where they came from. Oh, hey thats the same picture I have on my desktop right now. The pig at the bottom is a present i had gotten her for Christmas. I also like it cause of the sweet hat.

AlaskaSteve said...

I think it's cute how you are totally head over heels in love with your little niece - you're a great uncle, now you just have to live a little closer to your bro, right? Or the other way around . . . . love you, thanks for your comments, they are always appreciated - Dad