Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Season Over 25% Done

The current pollock season is known as the "B" season, and I was warned it was long and dragged on forever. When it started, four months of more or less continuous work did seem a bit intimidating, but now that over a month has passed I've seen there is an ebb and flow to the work that makes it fine. I still have had only one day off since I got here six weeks ago but the work changes from the plant to refrigeration, and there are changes in the target species as well - starting September 1 there will be cod deliveries in addition to pollock, and not long after that some crab as well.

This is a picture of one of our boats, the Sea Wolf taken from Strawberry Hill. We had company for supper tonight and it was fun although a bit subdued. Chico had someone to romp with in the living room while we ate, and Goldfish's pot roast turned out great!


Anonymous said...

I think I have heard that name on the show that shows crabfishing. Do they crab fish also or there must be a boat with a similar name. Tea sounds desperate compared to a good pot of coffee with the carafe but maybe with the great scenery it is ok.
Love from Maine

AlaskaSteve said...

Seawolf doesn't crab fish but they do fish for cod in addition to pollock. Crab boats are set up differently than trawlers in general - all our crab boats are still down in Seattle.

I've been drinking more tea, for some reason. When you're cold and wet and dead tired a cup of hot tea (double strength) and an orange on a break is heaven. Love ya

amariner said...

Hey tell me/us, what ever happened to Gordy & his wife, (whats her name).
He was mate/wrench when it came out, think my 2foot color pix here of Sea trials in Puget is dated 86? Haven't looked at it 4 a while. Just another hull in another Seattle Gray Hat Day. Nice paint, (but I like our Vitas Bering Competition Orange scheme better).
Also U still have all the Gold Trimmings in the bath?

B safe.