Thursday, August 30, 2007

Peaceful Day

I just got back from the museum where I attended a presentation on squid - their role in the ecosystem, the difficulties in conducting a census, the historical bycatch numbers, and then a dissection of several specimens showing the body parts and their function. It is a calm evening, it's been calm all day. At morning break I grabbed a cup of coffee and a piece of banana bread and sat on the dock watching the seagulls reflected in the flat calm water, still except for the ocassional jumping salmon. There is a rumor that the silvers are starting to show up in the creek but I don't see how you could find them with the thousands of milling pinks. I went for a walk earlier with Chico and couldn't see any sign of silvers, either in the creek or on a stringer.

The picture above is of the Grand Aleutian hotel, taken from the Museum of the Aleutians parking lot. The guy sitting in the foreground is watching all the salmon jumping. The Grand Aleutian has a nice little giftshop, a pub with live music most nights, and the Chartroom Restarant which has an all you can eat seafood buffet every Wednesday and a fantastic brunch buffet every Sunday.

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