Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Pass Is Open

We tried the road through the pass tonight and it was open! You might remember a couple weeks ago we tried and there was still too much snow. The top picture shows the view of Summers Bay after cresting the pass and heading down the other side. You can see a narrow strip of land seperates Summers Lake in the foreground from Summers Bay - in between there is a small stream where salmon move to the lake. When we arrived at Summers Bay there was an eagle sitting on the bridge watching the stream for salmon but he left before I could get a picture - I did however get some nice pictures of the eagle in the center picture that was sitting next to the road on the way down from the pass.

The bottom picture shows a few folks fishing for salmon in Summers Bay tonight - they were all from Alyeska Seafoods as there is a regular bunch that goes out there fishing every night after work. As you can see there is not a combat fishing problem out here in Unalaska - even though most people didn't work today due to no fish it wasn't crowded out there at all.

I'm heading to bed to read - I have an overdue library book I need to finish and Goldfish is reading the new Harry Potter book. Cheers everyone . . . .

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Zack said...

So do you get any fishing in? Because i would probably be sick of fish by the end of the day. Or maybe these people fishing just love the sight of fish. Or maybe they just feel left out of the whole fish catching thing. I would love to go fishing there, at Summers Lake, sometime.
Oh the new Harry Potter book. I have heard a lot about that in the past week or so. I don't even need to read it or see the movie.