Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dutch Harbor Webcams!

You can see I added a link under my Favorite Links sections called Dutch Harbor Webcams. This will bring you to a site run by the FAA with webcams all over Alaska. Go down to the one called Dutch Haystack and you will be basically looking out my living room window, real time, from a slightly higher elevation perspective! Very cool! I just checked it and sure enough, I looked at the image, looked out the window, a perfect match except the webcam image looks darker than the real thing. You need to be looking at the NorthEast cam to get the view out my window but check out the other two Haystack cams as well - just scroll your mouse over the thumbnail of the image to change cameras.

Anyways, thought I would share. The Dutch Ballyhoo one is neat as well and I have hiked up where that webcam is and taken pictures. The SouthWest cam on Ballyhoo shows the view looking back towards my place, the plant, and Haystack, very similar to the panoramic view on the top of my blog.

The picture above is of Little Priest Rock taken on the way back from Summers bay last night. Cheers everyone!

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Anonymous said...

In the future I will move to Unalaska. Also that above isnt really a webcam. Is it snowing there now? Raining?