Thursday, July 26, 2007


It was an absolutely gorgeous day here today after all the fog burned off around noon. I spent some time at the supermarket picking up some things so I can cook supper in the next few days per my agreement with Goldfish - once a month we'll skip the galley in the evening and I'll cook.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with any of that - this is the library across the creek. They have a fantastic Alaska collection and is just a quick walk away. I'm posting this instead of the promised report on the boat tour so I can get to bed a little earlier tonight - cheers everyone!


megan said...

Cooking supper, eh? What's on the menu this month? We just finished up a batch of your son's delicious spaghetti. He's even been experimenting with his recipe.

It's good to hear you're doing well. Take care. Love you.

AlaskaSteve said...

Ohhh yes, the boy does a nice job with the spaghetti - you're a lucy girl to get to participate in that feast . . . I think he maybe got that from his Uncle Skip.

Good to hear from you, love you too - Dad

Zack said...

Oh man, i missed out. T makes the best spaghetti i have ever had. That includes any bloody restaurant. He makes it just how i like it. Oh by the way Dad, now i have i web cam on that boat to keep up with you too hopefully. I was quite late when I looked at it though. I am going to check at my lunch break tomorrow tough. Love ya