Friday, July 27, 2007

Touring the Northern Glacier

A couple days ago after work Goldfish and I met her friend Tammy and she gave us a tour of the catcher/processor boat she works on, the Northern Glacier. The tour was awesome! She gave us a very thorough tour, from bow to stern, top to bottom - I even got to see the engine room where I salivated over the 3000 horsepower diesel and the wheelhouse where the captain showed us around. The wheelhouse was like something off Star Trek, right down to the captain's chair. I was amazed they could catch, weigh, sort, then either filet or process into surimi, all within just 201 feet. They pack 670 tons of boxed and frozen product and come in to port every 10 to 12 days to offload and head back out to sea. The picture I took from shore after the tour didn't come out great but there are much better pictures here on the company's website. I believe the Northern Glacier was one of the first at sea processors to fish the Bering Sea. Even though it was built in 1983, the equipment has been updated regularly and still appears to be pretty state-of-the art.

Thanks for the tour Tammy, I've always wanted to see how it was done on one of those vessels!

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Zack said...

Wow just I am just like the Northern Glacier. Born in '83, updated, and still state of the art.