Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hello Greenpeace

I looked out the living room window this morning and the Greenpeace vessel Esperanza was parked in my "front yard", and sure enough, I watched Zodiacs full of staff buzzing by my "office window" all afternoon. The top picture is one I took of the Esperanza at lunchtime. At first I thought they were here to protest the controversial deployment of the exploratory oil drilling rig parked in Margaret Bay, in front of our grocery store, to the Beaufort Sea. The oil rig is parked here because a native corporation has been granted a 30 day injunction against the rig proceeding any further north. I took a couple pictures of the oil rig tonight after work. You can see Mount Ballyhoo - at least the part not hidden by fog - in the background.

A little web research revealed Greenpeace is up here for a two month mission in the Bering Sea. You can read about their mission, called Bering Witness, here. It's pretty cool because there is a webcam updated every 30 seconds looking off the ship's bow. As the boat swings on it's anchor with the tides, there is a different view of my neighborhood. Right now there is a flood tide and a nice view of the landfill facility! I think there may be a time during an ebb tide when it would show my place but I'm not positive.

Anyways, a fun day today. I worked refrigeration this morning until fish showed up, then worked hard. After work Goldfish's friend Tammy gave us a tour of the trawler/processor she works on as a Quality Control technician - amazing! How they fit all that in just 206 feet blew my mind. I'll blog more on that tommorow . . . . night folks!

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