Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Skyscraper Living

I thought this was pretty cool - a pair of bald eagles has set up housekeeping in a crane and appears to be settled in for good or until the crane needs to be used, whichever comes first. In the background is Mount Ballyhoo.

Before the season started and I was outside doing pipe insulation, I watched a mated pair of eagles build a nest in the crow's nest of one of our boats that was sitting idle. The male patiently brought stick after stick and the female worked them into a nest - it was fascinating to watch but sad because I knew it had to be torn down in a week. I don't envy the poor fellow that was given that assignment!

Today at work I was watching sea lions feeding on salmon by the dock - at least that's what I assume they were doing as they appeared to be enjoying themselves and the salmon were terrified and jumping for their lives.

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Zack said...

Those eagles are just as at home as you are it looks like. Hopefully they get their babies out of there before that crane moves.