Monday, July 23, 2007

The Salmon Are Here

We were walking home from the restaurant last night and I noticed fish jumping in the creek! On closer inspection I saw decent sized schools of pink salmon moving up the creek with the flood tide . . . . I'm "tickled pink" that 40 feet from my head where I sleep at night salmon are swimming by on their way to the lake. I was thinking today that Unlaska combines all the good things about Alaska all in one place - the mountains, the fishing, the ocean, the hiking, and great people all in one place.

These pictures are from a hike to Ugadaga Bay last week. The trail is an ancient portage route used since ancient times and although rated moderate to difficult, it was a nice walk except for a couple places where the trail is very narrow adjacent a ravine. The top picture is of Chico when we arrived at the bay, the second is of the approach to the bay, the third is maybe midway and the last picture is of the sign at the trailhead.

I'll see about getting some pictures of those pink salmon to post soon. The silvers will be running in the creek in August, that will be fun. Cheers!

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