Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wildflowers Are Out

We're running into more and more wildflowers when we're hiking - the top picture is alongside the road on the way to the landfill, just past Memorial Park; the middle picture is taken from Strawberry Hill (a favorite walk because Chico can be off the leash and chase ground squirrels to his heart's content); and the bottom picture was taken when we hiked Ugadaga Bay trail and shows one of the many wild iris that we found where ever the ground was damp. Also, we are noticing the berries are starting to develop. Unalaska is fantastic berry picking - salmon berries, cranberries and blueberries especially - I can't wait until August/September when we can start gathering.

I'm posting early tonight, Goldfish and I are off to The Three Amigos for supper. Every Sunday they cook a different authentic Mexican dish and tonight it's posole. Hopefully we can get a window seat by the harbor - cheers everyone!

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