Saturday, July 21, 2007

Relaxation Day

Today I worked on insulating pipe, a nice break for the body to recover. F/V Alaska Rose is another one of our boats, it holds about 750,000 pounds. In the bottom picture I just missed getting a nicely centered picture as it passed the dock at work; in the top picture it has made it through the channel and made the turn towards the mouth of the harbor and open ocean. It is beautiful and sunny after work but I did chores at home and relaxed before the next round of work. Cheers everyone!


pat said...

Hi Alaskasteve...I check your blog out every few days...your pictures are fascinating! I have a blog about Deadliest Catch so seeing and hearing about Unalaska is really interesting to me. Keep up the great work on it!

AlaskaSteve said...

Pat, I'm glad you like it - what is the URL for your Deadliest Catch blog? I'd like to check it out . . . we all look forward to when the crab fleet returns to town!