Friday, July 20, 2007

Views From The Apartment

The top photo was taken yesterday from my living room window and shows a research vessel anchored in the harbor - to the right you can see one of their lifeboats returning to the ship. If you look closely you can see several more of those lifeboats hanging from the ship. The were apparently using one of the lifeboats to transport crew members to Dutch Harbor. I watched these funny orange boats go back and forth the dock at work all day yesterday and today - at first we thought they were submarines!

The bottom photo I took tonight on the way home from work from right outside my bedroom window. One of the eagles had something interesting and the others were quite excited about it. I thought these were two good pictures to illustrate that I never know what I'll see outside my windows - with a shipping channel out the front window and a salmon stream out the back window there is always something going on.

There is no fish tommorow so I'll be working with the refrigeration crew; it will be a nice change of pace and an opportunity for the ol' body to recover a bit - cheers everyone!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting an almost daily blog. It makes me feel like you are right next door. They are the first thing that I do in the morning. The pictures are always great. Thanks. Dad

AlaskaSteve said...

Dad, you're part of the reason I blog almost every day, even when I'm dead tired. Staying in touch with you is important to me and I miss you - thanks for understanding this has been a really positive move for me. I hope you can come see me out here some time - love you

Zack said...

I'm gonna have to agree with Grandpa, it is great to see you having such a wonderful time at your new job. Even though I don't check it out everyday, I will always know what has been going on with you in prior days. I bet it sure beats calling the whole family every night, with all the hours you put in.