Friday, August 13, 2010

How About This Weather?

These pictures are a bit dated, Goldfish and I hiked up to the lake about a week ago now.  The weather has been perfect lately, lots of sun, temps about 60.

She was trying to take a "couple picture" but I wasn't cooperating.  This is probably the least offensive of the bunch . . . . apparently I don't behave well when someone else has the camera.
Heading back down, alas, we kept Chico on the leash the whole time.  Too many temptations here in our back yard, and we didn't want to spend the evening chasing him down while he ran himself to exhaustion after foxes.
These are, again, a week old.  The bike is all back together and running - I plan on taking it to work in the morning!
I fabricated the best fitting patch I could and then JB Welded it all together.  Time will tell how that works, I'll keep a close eye on it.  I found a replacement skid plate on eBay for twenty bucks but I still want to make an aluminum or stainless one this winter.  For now, we have the colors picked out to paint the house, I want to put up a wood shed before winter, and Goldfish's Mom will be here in a week or two for a visit.  Gotta head to bed - cheers!


Bren said...

Sounds like your goals will challenge you to the edge of winter.
Now that tongue! WOW!
Love ya

AlaskanDave said...

Looks like ya did a good repair there Steve, complete with a pair of oval-lead stainless phillips screws I see

Anonymous said...

awesome patch. It gives the bike a tough- I can take it and I've been through it look. Somehow it looks better than the missing cover on my Goldwing. Nice job. And the weather looks beautiful. Love from Maine.

bea's blog said...

Thank you for providing us with all those lovely photos and intresting posts!
Always follow your blog!!!
•● <°)))>< •
Hugs from Europe