Saturday, July 17, 2010

Visit from North Dakota

It's been tough going without precious Goldfish for three weeks but I did have a little consolation prize in the form of my youngest son, in Alaska to attend a friend's wedding in Fairbanks, flying out to the island for a four day visit.  I've got a bit of posting to do to catch up on his visit - he is the guy in the black shirt and shorts in the photo below.

On his first day we headed up the road to Ulatka Head.   On the way up we stopped and watched the Dunlap boys doing a great job of parallel parking.

A quick thought on having company visit here on the island - it always takes a day or two to synch up with whomever is visiting.  When my brother visited, he noticed I was often preoccupied, worried about work piling up at the job, worried about whether the weather will cooperate when it comes time for him to fly off the island . . . this place is in many ways a different world, and just like we are out of our element when we leave the island (I distinctly remember how terrorized I was when I brought a rental car onto I-5 in Seattle on my way to visit my niece after being out here for six months where the speed limit is 25 mph), it takes a bit to adjust the island life to fit company.  I am truly blessed in that all the folks we have brought out here over the past three years - my brother, my sister, both my sons, Goldfish's mother a couple times, and her brother - all have great attitudes, and take the island at face value for the truly wonderful place we know it to be.

Okay, let me post this and get some more photos uploading . . . . cheers!


bre said...

Awww...I miss that wonderful son of yours. What a great guy!
I love the eagle peeking around the bend.
love you, from Auntie

each day an adventure in alaska said...

lived in ketchikan in southeast for six years...totally remember the terror of the rental car in los angeles. my dog that lived there would panic anytime my car went over 60 when i moved off the island. love your element...they are great rides!