Saturday, July 17, 2010

Visit from North Dakota - Part 2

Well, what we have here is one 25 year old male pretending he has a gun, making machine gun noises with his mouth.  Watch your step son, back up a few feet and it is 900 feet straight down to the beach . . 

Ummmm, I'm not sure what we have here, but that isn't going to keep me from posting it up here for all his friends to see.  I mean, I know where he is - inside one of the bunkers on Ulatka Head - but I'm not sure what he's doing . . . .

Introducing him to one of my favorite thinking spots.

Reflecting on the vastness of the Bering Sea.

For some reason we both thought this was utterly hilarious . . . we still do, actually.

Lupine in bloom always makes a good foreground.

We decided this one looks like a face, and pouring the concrete must have been interesting, right on the edge of the cliff.

This is kind of our joke, we call this spot Rhino Point, and there is no way a picture can convey the precarious situation that Trevor is in while he is posing.  Another one of my favorite spots.

We managed to get a few pictures of ptarmigan before the camera batteries died.  Speaking of cameras, let me note that my son came out to visit me without the two essential items needed to have a successful visit - a sweatshirt (known as a "hoody" in these parts), and a camera.  Seriously, he made the trip out here, sure to be a once or maybe twice in a lifetime event, with no camera . . . . . maybe the photography gene skips a generation?

Camera or no camera, it was sure great to spend time with him, I am incredibly proud of the young man and father he has grown to be!


Suzassippi said...

These are great pictures! I could have sworn he was playing air guitar, though.

AlaskanDave said...

Great job and pix on the recent 2 blog posts Steve....

gpc said...

Gorgeous photos -- sounds like a nice visit. I hope you are untouched by today's quake?

bre said...

Wonderful pictures, Steve! I loved all of them. They brought back a time when life stood still and I moved to a different time and place. Just beautiful!

Seriously, Trevor, no sweat shirt!!! Do you have your dad's warm blood? Now the camera I can see. Just steal your dad's. LOL

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Rhino Point, I get it, it's like the horn on the front of a rhino. And baby, it looks like it's STRAIGHT DOWN TO THE SEA on BOTH sides of that bad boy. . . !!

Again, glorious, simply glorious shots.


Zack said...

NO camera! No camera! No wonder the horse didn't come out to see him!

Lori said...

I got (can see) the Rhino point too - I'm sure glad I didn't miss these pics - pick one for the calendar and call it 'Reflections".