Sunday, May 2, 2010

Really Brief Thanks - More Tomorrow!

Well, you can se we had some perfect weather on the island for out St. Baldricks' Foundation shaving event today! You can also see the Smurf Mullet is gone!
The set-up crew did a wonderful job setting up the Burma Road Chapel for the event.
25 heads shaved in all and including on-line donations and donations raised at the live event today, over $20,000 raised - an amazing display of community spirit.
Team Emery raised somewhere around $3300. Day before and day of donors I wanted to thank include Jane (again), Lori G., Gina, Cindy Scott, Max, Betty, Oliver, Lani, Ann, Sonia and Susan (for donating and for doing such a great job MC-ing the event).

The winner of a box of crab is Joe Thuet from Florissant, MO - look for it to hit your doorstep sometime next week Joe! All I ask is you email me a photo of you and the crab to post when you get it!

I didn't take many photos today, I just wanted to soak it all in and enjoy the event. A friend is going to share his and I will post a bunch as soon as I have them - I got a sneak preview on his wife's Facebook and they look great!

I have a few more thoughts to post on the event and fundraising in general; maybe tomorrow or when I have the photos to post. Thanks so much to everyone, on-line and in the community, that worked so hard to make this event a success - thanks especially to Brian Rankin for spearheading the effort and seeing it through to a great conclusion! Okay, heading to bed, cheers . . . .


Margrita said...

it looks good and thanks for the wonderful thing you did. Wow that was a great amount raised and how wonderful it is to benefit children's cancer research. Awesome job and way to go.

Anonymous said...

Look at all those beautiful bald heads! I am so glad the event was a success and everyone was able to raise such a large amount of money for those children. You are all heros! ~Lothian

Suzassippi said...

While the blue Smurf hair really did match your sunglasses, you are quite distinguished looking now! Love the TEam Emery shirts! Hairs off to all of you for doing such a great thing.

gpc said...

Congratulations, what a great effort!

bonnie said...

Wish we could have been there to experience it all in person! We got our shirts today and will wear them with pride. Thanks again for honoring Emery!